HAVOC was developed by Sifu Jay Cooper from his personal experience of confrontation while working for the Canadian police. As a recognised authority in Canadian and UK courts on ‘use of force’, he has expert knowledge in both the physical and legal aspects of combative situations.

Simon Sheridan

Sifu Simon Sheridan has almost 40 years of martial arts experience. It all began at the tender age of 17 when he began studying Kung Fu. This took him into his twenties, after which he added Jeet Kune Do and Eskrima to his skillset. In 2017 he was invited to be the first instructor to represent the UK arm of HAVOC Jeet Kune Do, and now teaches in Kent and at seminars around the country.

Simon’s continued research has exposed him to Muay Thai under Master Sken, Eskrima under Guru Khrishna Godhania (Warriors Eskrima), D.A.R.T (Karate) under Dr John Titchen, Tai Chi under David Arnold and Simon Watson and Simon has also been a private student of Grand Master Danny Guba (Doce Pares Eskrima).

Simon now teaches not only Jeet Kune Do, but also boxing, grappling and eskrima and offers one of the best self-protection programmes in the UK.

Andy Wheeler

Andy is a qualified apprentice instructor and is currently training under Simon in Kent. His martial arts experience includes Eskrima, Kung Fu, Shotokan Karate and Tang Soo Do. He is generous with his knowledge and has taught at seminar level to all ages around the county.

Andy has recently requalified as an apprentice instructor after a year long evaluation, followed by a mentally and physically demanding grading under the watchful eye of Sifu Jay Cooper and Sifu Simon Sheridan.

As an instructor alongside Sifu Simon, Andy teaches Jeet Kune Do, boxing, grappling and eskrima and also specialises in self-protection.

When he’s not in class, Andy enjoys riding his motorbike.

Ryan Hill

Ryan has over 20 years of experience training and teaching Martial Arts, specializing in Karate and striking.

He holds Dan ranks in Japanese and Okinawan Karate and has had successes in provincial full contact Karate competition and is looking forward to a busy year in Brazilian Jiujitsu in 2023.

He has had the privilege of training with the absolute best in Canada and North America, including professional boxers and high level TaeKwondo competitors.
Ryan is also involved in Yang and Chen style Tai Chi and along with his other arts offers this programme to his students.
He is formerly certified in JKD under Sifu Jay Cooper and is in the process of recertifying. He proudly represents Jay in HAVOC Jeet Kune Do and the Aftermath program.

Ryan’s mission statement is, “I’m very proud to represent Sifu Jay Cooper alongside Sifu Simon Sheridan. These men are my mentors and hold a lot of excellent material that I’m very encouraged to share with you. I promise to deliver the best material to you, with the best of my ability. HAVOC has become an amazing outlet for adults to work towards a better version of themselves. Through focused training, and self-development tools, we’re benefitted in our lives on and off the mat.”

In addition to martial arts Ryan is a certified Kettlebell instructor with Agatsu Canada.

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